Your Home. Your Community
Your Connected Life.

SmartTown™ from your service provider.
Enriching your experience, no matter where you roam. 

Your Community Just Got Way More Connected

Wherever adventure takes you in town, from the river walk to the park, to the school and main street, SmartTown gives you the same secure and content safe experience you enjoy at home.

WiFi on the Go

From the neighborhood block party, music in the park, to the farmers market and the little league field, you’re always in the moment.

Seamless Connectivity

No matter when you go on the SmartTown network your connected.

Secure. Always.

Where ever you roam, Your service provide includes ProtectIQ™ network security to keep safe.

No Data Caps

Don’t stress about burning through your monthly data or being throttled. With SmartTown you’ll be able to live stream the game, the concert, or FaceTime. Now everyone can be about of the community experience.

Make Every Moment Around Town a New Experience.

WiFi at the concert
Capture and post your favorite concert moments with SmartTown's on the go access.

WiFi on a walk
As you are walking around town—SmartTown gives you the connections you need to stay in touch.

WiFi at the game
Stay in touch with game stats while you are at the game. Then, post the big moments afterwards

WiFi in the park, farmers market, or fair
Stay connected as you move around the community—whether it’s a simple picnic gathering, or a town fai

WiFi around the town square
There’s nothing like being in the town square for a big event. It’s even better when you are connected.

In a Crowd? No Problem. Smart Town Keeps You Connected.

SmartTown gives you WiFi on the go, wherever you need it—even if it’s crowded. Whether it’s at a concert, in school, in the park or just around your community, you’re connected.

You’ll be connected to your secure home WiFi service provided by your 
service provider.

As you leave your home, you can be confident you’ll have a secure WiFi connection at your destination.

You’ll seamlessly connect to theSmartTown network everywhere yourservice provider has added 
access points.

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