Our Co-Op

The mission of South Central Telephone Association, Inc., is to provide dependable and affordable telecommunications services using sound management and progressive technologies to its customers in south central Kansas, north central Oklahoma and in other areas where deemed beneficial to the members.

Capital Credits

Capital credits, also referred to as patronage, are one of the many benefits of your telephone cooperative association membership. Capital credits are the profits derived from furnishing telecommunication and information services to the members and any other profits allocated by the company. These amounts are allocated in proportion to the total amount of goods and services purchased by the member for that year. The company keeps a permanent record of these allocations on what is called a capital credit account for each member, where the allocated amount remains until it is retired. Capital credits are not a life insurance policy or an investment account, but instead a portion of equity within the company that is allocated to a specific member.

These capital credits are retired to the members in different ways. A general retirement is payment directly to a member of a percentage of the member’s total capital credits balance. The percentage is determined by the Board based on the financial needs and position of the company. The Board considers general retirements on an annual basis based upon the present financial condition of the company. An estate retirement is payment of a deceased member’s accrued capital credits to their personal representative or legal heirs. As directed in the company’s Bylaws, a corporation, political body, or other legal entity that is a member is treated the same as a natural person for purposes of capital credit allocation and retirement.

Board of Directors

Brent Garvie

Burlington/Byron Exchanges

Bryan Quick

Hazelton Exchange

Jesse Blasi

Iuka Exchange

Joel Forester

Kiowa Exchange

Ken Dohm

Lake City/Sun City Exchanges

Dan Hrencher

Sharon Exchange

Mike VanCampen

Turon Exchange

Our Staff

Roxie Ayres

Customer Experience Manager

Loretta Boor

Network Operations Center

Kiki Bowden

Customer Experience Specialist

Chad Boyce

Network Manager

Nikki Brown

Customer Experience Specialist

Nicky Bryant

Customer Experience Specialist

Wendy Crenner

Director of Marketing & Brand Awareness

Hannah Crowe

Accounts Payable / Billing Clerk

Jose Deherrera

Installation and Repair Technician

David Earls

Customer Experience Specialist

Thad Ehresman

Broadband Operations Manager

Danielle Farr

Accounting Manager

De Freberg

Customer Experience Specialist

Mason Garten

Network Operations Center

Robbie Gillig

Network Operations Center

Doss Grigsby

Outside Plant Technician

Robert Hall

Outside Plant Technician

Cody Hamm

Construction Inspector / Technician

Shelly Hansel

Public Relations Director

Christal Heffington

Inventory / Purchasing

Paige Hermes

Business Account Consultant

Lisa Johnson

Marketing and Customer Experience Support

Steve Lampe

Outside Plant Technician

Herb Leis

Outside Plant Supervisor

Randy Mae

Outside Plant Technician

Craig Rucker

Outside Plant Technician

Taylor Rucker

Executive Assistant

Carla Shearer

CEO / General Manager

Chris Smith

Outside Plant Technician

Scott Swonger

Outside Plant Technician

Pat Traffas

Capital Credits / Accounts Receivable Clerk

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting for 2021 will be held at 3:30pm on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at the
First Christian Church located at 300 S. Main Street in Medicine Lodge.

View the 2021 Annual Meeting invite

As prescribed by the SCTA By-Laws, the Nominating Committee has submitted the following Nominees for the position of Director for the position of Director for the Iuka and Turon exchanges.

Iuka – Jesse Blasi
Turon – Mike VanCampen

According to the SCTA By-Law, if no other nominees are presented by petition, these nominees will be elected by acclamation at the Annual Meeting. No additional ballot will be presented to the membership.

Members may choose to join virtually via Zoom. Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.