SCTelcom Announces Latest Broadband Expansion To Rural Harper County

High-speed fiber internet service will provide unrivaled internet reliability and speeds, and benefits to consumers, small businesses, and the community.

MEDICINE LODGE, KANSAS (June 24, 2024) — SCTelcom, headquartered in Medicine Lodge, announced that it is expanding its high-speed fiber internet service to residential and business customers in rural Harper County. Residents and businesses will soon have access to SCTelcom’sreliable fiber network, providing residents and businesses in the service area with outstanding internet performance for a variety of online activities, as well as increased productivity and efficiency.  

“We are delighted to expand SCTelcom’s advanced fiber network to additional areas in rural Harper County. Broadband access is a necessity of life, not a luxury. Bringing this essential technology to rural Harper County continues our record of providing critical telecommunication services that enhance economic development and quality of life,” said CEO Carla Shearer.

Widely acknowledged as the fastest and most reliable internet technology available today, fiber’s glass-like strands can transmit internet data at close to light speed. Once SCTelcom’s customers sign up for service and installation, subscribers will receive unparalleled internet performance. Older forms of internet, such as cable, satellite, and DSL just cannot match fiber’s superior materials and technology, which power its exceptional speeds and reliability. 

Additionally, fiber also delivers more generous bandwidth than competing forms of internet. High bandwidth, which relates to the quantity of data an internet connection can transfer at any one time, is essential for homes with multiple simultaneous TV and movie streamers. Fiber’s greater bandwidth also makes video calling far clearer, online gaming more seamless, and downloading and uploading videos and other large files much faster.

Similarly, Harper County’s businesses will also benefit considerably from SCTelcom’s fiber. With fiber’s far greater maximum download speeds compared to cable, DSL or satellite internet, businesses and their team members can be much more productive and efficient. Through increased multitasking, improved connectivity to customers, and distortion-free video conferencing, small businesses will notice fiber’s superior service almost instantly.

SCTelcom offers several internet package options for an exceptional user experience which include whole-home managed Wi-Fi, virus protection, parental controls, SCT WiFiConnect app and access to SmartTown – Wi-Fi on the Go.

Construction on the project has begun, with the first customers slated to have service installed by the end of 2024. Company representatives are actively making visits to addresses included in this build. Additional information on this project such as coverage maps and updates can be found on the company’s Facebook page, or website, You may also contact one of our friendly Customer Experience Specialists at 877-723-6875.

About SCTelcom: SCTelcom is a leading telecommunications provider dedicated to empowering residents and businesses in rural areas. They are committed to building vibrant, connected communities through innovative services.