What You Can Do With SCTelcom Fiber

Why is fiber-delivered Internet the best Internet? You can stream movies and shows, download content, play online games, browse the web and much more – all lag free. SCTelcom offers the fastest Internet speeds in the area thanks to fiber-optic technology.

Cable Internet is the technology of decades past, but fiber is the future. Fiber gives you access to faster data transfer speeds and reliability not available with Internet delivered over cable.

In addition to having the fastest Internet speeds in town, SCTelcom doesn’t limit your Internet. Other companies in the area use data caps. This means that if you use “too much” Internet within a month your Internet will either be cut off or your speeds extremely reduced. As a SCTelcom customer, you can enjoy the Internet without having to worry about how much data you use. We won’t slow you down.

As the demand for faster Internet speeds and more data increases, older technologies like cable will no longer be able to keep up. By building a reliable fiber infrastructure, SCTelcom ensures our customers will continue to have the best Internet experience possible for years to come. Future-proofing is an important goal when it comes to technology and SCTelcom is ahead of the competition.

For more information about SCTelcom’s Internet plans or fiber, please visit sctelcom.net or call 877-723-6875. You can also visit one of our stores in Harper, Kiowa or Medicine Lodge. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.